Winnacunnet Evening High School is presently doing all remote classes for Quarter 3. Quarter 3 goes from Jan. 25 to March 18. It is hoped that we will be able to return to in person classes for Quarter 4. A final decision on this will be made the second or third week of March.


While we are doing remote learning, please note the following:

  • All classes will be conducted through Google Classroom, and all classes will be held remotely.

  • Students must have access to a computer and internet access. (For students living in the Winnacunnet School district, not having access  to a computer, or the internet, please contact the Evening High School.)

  • Students are required to be present (with video) in Google Classroom during scheduled class times. (5;20-8:20 on the evening of the class.

All registrations are to be completed online. The 3 required registration forms are on the left of this website on the link "Online Registration Forms". Please note there are 3 forms found there. All three forms must be filled out.Once you have filled out the registration forms, please email the director, Kris Oswald (koswald@whsevening.org) or the registrar, Stephanie Sullivan (ssullivan@whsevening.org) to set up a time for an in person or online video.



Anyone interested in seeking their high school diploma are welcome and encouraged to call. Please note that at this time, we are only in the office for a limited amount of time, but we are happy to respond to questions or concerns either by phone or email. The director can be reached Monday-Thursday from noon-7 pm, at 603-394-6716,  or by email, at koswald@whsevening.org.  Mrs. Stephanie Sullivan, registrar and administrative assistant can also be reached  through email, at ssullivan@whsevening.org.  Interested parties should also feel free to contact the Evening High School office and leave a message. To reach the director, dial 603-758-9224. To reach the registrar, dial 603-758-9231.



HiSET (High School Equivalency Test) has replaced the GED in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine. Like the GED, it provides an opportunity to earn a high school equivalency certificate. 


HiSET preparation is offered for WHS students under the age of 18, through the WHS Evening High School. For more information, go to whsevening.org or contact Kris Oswald at 603-758-9224.

 In addition, FREE morning and evening classes are available for SAU 21 community members at Exeter Adult Education. HiSET preparation and skill building in math, writing, reading and English have open enrollment for anyone over 18. For complete details, go to adulted.sau16.org or call 603-775-8459.

For additional information about the HiSET exam, please visit their official website at https://hiset.ets.org/

Winnacunnet Evening School is an equal opportunity employer, and complies with all equal opportunity laws along with SAU 21 policy.